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Touch Memory Foam Mattress Maxi Cool 10 Inch Depth

Touch Memory Foam Mattress Maxi Cool 10 Inch Depth

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There is no worse than ruining your night's sleep because the temperature is not adjusted. We have combined cooling Maxicool Memory Foam with a reflex foam core for a dry, supportive mattress. The Maxicool controls humidity dries quickly and reduces body motion.

Mattress features: 

    • 3 Inches of Maxicool Memory Foam
    • 7 Inches of Reflex Memory Foam
    • Orthopaedic and Antibacterial
    • Edge-to-Edge Support
    • Spinal Support for Back Pain Relief 
    • The Cover is Removable and Washable at 40 degrees


    Mattress Dimensions:

    3ft Single – 90 x 190 cm

    4ft Small Double – 122 x 190 cm

    4ft6 Double – 137 x 190 cm

    5ft King Size – 152 x 200 cm

    6ft Super King Size – 180 x 200 cm


Please Note:


  • That the colour and stitching of the removable cover may slightly differ from the images.
  • Whilst the vast majority of foam mattresses will expand exactly to the height in inches that is advertised, due to the nature of foam mattresses there is a small chance your mattress may have a slight variance of up to 10% of the expected height. This is normal with all foam mattresses.
  • You may experience a faint "off-gas" smell, but as we use CertiPUR-certified foam please be assured that this is not from any chemicals but rather from fresh new foams being vacuum packed.
  • Once opened this smell should dissipate within 48 hours, or in a very small minority of cases, 72 hours. Please ensure there is airflow in the room to encourage any odors to dissipate as fast as possible


Special Instructions:

Once opened, please allow up to 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand and reform to its original shape.

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